Introduction eTope   is   an   innovative   and   enterprising   waste   management   company   that   offers   integrated   solutions   for   the   collection,   recovery   and   disposal   of   waste.   eTope   is   operating   under   category   A section   3   of   the   National   Environmental   Management   Act,1998(Act   No.107   of   1998).   eTope   works   closely   and   in   partnership   with   residents   the   public   and   private   sectors   to   promote   a   clean healthy environment. eTope   sets   itself   apart   from   its   competition   by   focusing   on   quality   related   service   at   market   related   prices   and   company   employees   fully   embrace   this   ethos,   which   has   become   one   of   the company’s cornerstones of success.
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